in residence [2]

Day 4: Second corona test taken at drive-through testing centre. This time a nose-swab / brain-tickling. Just three more seconds, the PPE-ed woman told me. Taxi driver gave me thumbs-up, eyes laughing above mask. A whisky & campari celebration is planned if they text me & L. from Austria, fellow quarantinee, with positive news of negative test tomorrow. Liebäugling the sauna building by the pond everytime I pass it.

Conifer trees secrete terpenes – antioxidant / antibacterial / pain-managing / mood-elevating. Went terpene-inhaling before sitting down to write/edit. Stood with my face in the sun for full vitamin D exposure. Found mushrooms for O. Saw bird-watcher with serious equipment and a serious face to match. The Finnish say hej so he must have understood my hi.

Zoom with resident S. in Italy. Think of me when it gets dark, she says. Do soundwalks at night, record nature. Night here falls at 16:22.

Walk findings: The House of Sorrow; roadside plants.