selected work

Don’t Rush On My Account. Reflex Fiction, 2021 (flash fiction)

Nine to Five. TSS Publishing, 2021 (fiction)

Collected Denglish texts: In Der Weserstrasse Sonnt Sich Ein Haus (Studierendenwerk anthology of Berlin Stories), forthcoming

Elephant Elbows and Other Memory Parts of Mothers. SAND #21: Ten Years of SAND (non-fiction)

Memories of Elsewhere: New Quay. Elsewhere Journal, 2020 (non-fiction)

Nine to Five. Collected in The Cambridge Prize Anthology, 2018 (fiction)

Shipwreck. National Flash Fiction Day Anthology, 2018 (flash fiction)

To Keep In the Sea of Change. Former Cactus, 2018 (poetry)

Korean Knife. Collected in Ellipsis Zine Five: Love Pride, 2018 (flash fiction)

Minor Reports. Collected in the Bristol Short Story anthology, 2017 (fiction)

Take Your Boots Off. Counter Service Issue 12: Guts, 2017 (poetry)

Petal. Leopardskin and Limes, 2017 (fiction)

Birthday Party. FU Review, 2017 (non-fiction)

Elephant Elbows and Other Memory Parts of Mothers. Sand Journal, 2016 (non-fiction)

Bringing Back Bob. The Reader Berlin / Exberliner short story competition, 2016 (fiction)